Back to Basics

Date: August 24, 2016 | Location: Atlanta, Georgia

As I stated in last week's post, I'm doing my best to pare down my wardrobe to only items that I truly love. It turns out that basic, staple items like the ones featured in this outfit are what makes my little heart sing. I've always had a love for minimalism; I remember having big disagreements with my mom every morning before preschool because I wanted to wear a plain, white tee and jeans and she had other things in mind. Nowadays, I get to do the choosing and it is obvious that much hasn't changed. And yes, I've been strong-willed since the day I was born!

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Posted on August 24, 2016 .

A Fresh Combination

Date: August 17, 2016 | Location: Atlanta, Georgia

This past week I did a little shopping in my own closet. I came across these culotte overalls that I haven't worn in months, and decided to wear them with my go-to striped top. The combination is made up of two items which I've owned for quite some time, but it is a fresh, new look. I've been rethinking my wardrobe choices frequently as of late, and definitely think some closet purging is in my near future. My goal is to open up my closet to find only items that I love, which can be mixed and matched in multiple different ways to create completely new outfits. Let's hope I can stick to my resolution and share the process with you along the way!

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Posted on August 17, 2016 .

Little Red Dress

Date: August 12, 2016 | Location: Atlanta, Georgia

The little red dress. Much different than its more popular, understated sister - the LBD - the little red dress makes a statement. I've always been a fan of the color and believe that it can be worn in a way that exudes confidence without screaming 'look at me!'. I feel this little off-the-shoulder number from Reformation does just that. Sure, it's red and form fitting, but it comes down below the knee and there is an air of elegance about it. I recently wore it to a friend's wedding and can personally vouch that it passes the dancing dress test with flying colors.


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Posted on August 12, 2016 .

The Bandana Necktie

Date: August 9, 2016 | Location: Atlanta, Georgia

The bandana necktie: a trend you've probably been seeing everywhere from Pinterest to your favorite fashion magazine or website. I've been on the lookout for one for a while now, so when I came across this white one at Madewell, I happily made the purchase. At only $12.50, this understated bandana was exactly what I'd been hoping for. I decided to wear it with some of my Madewell staples: flea market flares and the perfect olive-colored tank. 

I hope everyone has been doing well lately! My husband, Bobby, and I have been hard at work in our backyard. We've been demolishing and grading in preparation for a flagstone patio that was finally installed last week. We still have to finish up a good bit of landscaping, but I'm so excited to share it with you all when we're finished. 

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Posted on August 9, 2016 .

Moments: Lake Tahoe

Date: August 4, 2016 | Location: Tahoe City, California

Moments - short periods of time that go by too fast and are often taken for granted, by me at least. My life has been super busy as of late. Busy with good things for sure, but I can't help but sometimes feel that I'm just moving from one thing to the next. I often take moments - trips, weekends, dates, time with family and friends and heck, even weeknights - for granted. I do my best to savor the moment and try to truly enjoy it, but I feel that I often come up short. I've decided to start a new post category of 'Moments' at an attempt to try to remember all of the good things I'm blessed to do in this crazy thing we call life. 

The first of these series of moments is from our Lake Tahoe trip. We visited Tahoe City to attend one of my good friend's/sorority sister's wedding in mid-July. My husband and I had the pleasure of traveling alongside two other couples that also happen to be some of our closest friends. We stayed in a VRBO home that was walking distance to downtown Tahoe City and Commons Beach. We were only there for a weekend, so we all did our best to relax and take in the beautiful lake at the same time. Days were spent lounging on the beach and nights at the welcome party and wedding - both of which were wonderful evenings full of so much love and friendship. I snapped this series of photographs around our house and at the beach. Though I didn't take many, I think these photographs embody our stay in Lake Tahoe very adequately. I hope you enjoy taking a glimpse into our travels!

Posted on August 4, 2016 .

Creating a Gallery Wall with Framebridge

Date: August 1, 2016 | Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Ever since we moved into our home last October, I have been wanting to create a gallery wall in our living room. However, until this past week, our walls have remained blank. We began renovating our house the weekend we moved in, starting with removing the wall between our den and formal living room to create a more open, modern living space. As any experienced do-it-yourselfers already know, we quickly learned that every project takes longer than expected. I waited, as patiently as this impatient girl could, until our renovation project was (mostly) complete to begin choosing art for our gallery wall that resonated with both Bobby and me. 

After deciding which pieces we would use for our collection, I started researching framing options. I was disappointed in what I initially found out about framing. It was seemingly going to be expensive - really expensive - and time consuming. I knew there had to be better options than what the traditional framing stores offered. Thankfully, I came across Framebridge while scrolling through my Instagram feed. I saw that Ali of A Dash of Details had beautifully framed two of her wedding photos. After looking at their website, I knew Framebridge would enable me to turn my gallery wall aspirations into a reality. 

Framebridge made the framing process a breeze. I decided on frames from their clean collection. I wanted the artwork to be the focus of the wall and their clean collection's simple, minimal design was exactly what I had in mind. Next came what I thought would be the hard part - finding the right sized frames. I already had three pieces of art and I wanted to combine them with two photographs from our wedding day. I was worried because my art wasn't standard size. I emailed Framebridge about it and was quickly put at ease. They told me to enter the closest measurement available and that their team would make sure that the pieces were framed correctly.

Once I finished measuring the artwork I already possessed, I uploaded the two wedding photographs and ensured they were sized appropriately to fit with the other pieces. I planned to position the artwork and photographs around an original abstract piece that I purchased at Scott Antique Market a few months back. After placing my order, I received packaging to send in my artwork in just a few short days. Framebridge provided step-by-step instructions and correctly sized packaging that made shipping simple. They cover shipping costs both ways so all I had to do was drop it off at my local UPS store. 

I was ecstatic when I received our framed pieces in the mail. They turned out better than I could have ever expected. After months of empty walls, we finally have the gallery wall that I envisioned upon moving in. I'm thankful that I was able to partner with Framebridge for this post. In a world of subpar customer service, they are a breath of fresh air. 

Framebridge has graciously provided me with the following code to share with you all to save you 15% on your first framing purchase: ARTOFSTYLE15. If you're looking to create your own gallery wall or frame any wedding pictures, I highly recommend that you check out their site. 

**Because the gallery wall was so easy, I decided to frame this beauty that I captured during our Italian honeymoon in the Cairo frame. We love the memories it evokes every time we glance in the previously empty corner of our living room.

Posted on August 1, 2016 .