Art of Style first began at a cozy little coffee shop in Atlanta, Georgia. The name, "Art of Style" seemed to fit because I feel that style is an art form—a way to express oneself, not only in fashion choices, but in everyday living.

I see style as much more than what I wear. I believe it's a representation of the self. I also believe that daily fashion choices should evoke confidence by depicting who you are and what you aim to be. Style is creating a life that you love.

Art of Style is not meant to imply that I’ve “mastered the art of style.” That, my friends, could not be further from the truth. I simply want this to be a place for you to find inspiration and enjoyment—just as I do.


Like many women, I have always had a love for fashion. And in a growing world of fashion and lifestyle bloggers, I felt a little weary entering into a pool of such refined writers and curators. However, after many nights spent deliberating ideas for what my blog could be, I decided to begin creating just that— my blog. I vowed not to enter a mentality of comparison and competition; rather to introduce a creative outlet that others can relate to and enjoy.  

My manifesto, simply put, is to create a place of inspiration and community. I want this to be a curation of all things noteworthy in everyday style and living. A sort of silver lining to the everyday humdrum. Or, an artful look at style and daily musings. While fashion will be my focus, the occasional spirit of interior, beauty and healthy living influences are sure to appear.          

About Me.

Hi! My name is Brianna and my day job is in healthcare business intelligence. I enjoy my job for many reasons, but find the most satisfaction in knowing that I am helping patients and their families during a time when they need it most. Although I find my job highly rewarding in many ways, it is lacking in an area that makes up a huge part of who I am—creativity.

I have always had a love for the creative arts and spent much of my childhood attending art classes, choir and playing instruments. So after working in a field run by data and analytics, I began to search for a creative outlet. I first gained interest in blogging around the time I started my career. I had been quietly but intently observing for the last few years until building the courage to start a blog.

I had dreams and aspirations of creating something that would allow me to express my creativity and personal style. Despite my fears and insecurities about putting it all out there, I ultimately decided to toss them aside to hopefully be able to create something that brings happiness to both myself and others.