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A Post On Packing

A Post On Packing

Date: October 28, 2015  |  Location: Travel

Bri and I were bitten by the travel bug. Together, we've traveled across the country six times in the past two weeks; and yes, we are tired. 

Though traveling is pitched by many bloggers and influential people as the most fulfilling and glamorous lifestyle-- truthfully, it has some pretty ugly perks. Jet-lag, hotel nightmares, unexpected expenses, GPS flukes and the inability to find an Uber nearby when you're running late-- to name a few. 

To be clear, I am absolutely thrilled and completely grateful for the opportunities to travel as a photographer. I also thoroughly believe the negative aspects are overpowered by rewarding and irreplaceable experiences, however, I didn't want to begin this entry by pretending that it's all entrancing and painless.

Part of the (painful) process of traveling is, as you know, packing. For some time, I pondered at how so many people travel and still manage to look put together. After a lengthy game of trial-and-error, I like to think that I've unlocked a few packing secrets that I'd love to share. You may already know this strategy-- or perhaps have a better one. If so, we would love to hear it! Feel free to comment below with all of your traveling and packing wisdom.

How To Pack:

Quick Prelude: Admittedly, the above photos do not accurately portray how my bedroom looks when packing. It's normally more tornado-aftermath-y with sounds of frustrated sighs from realizing how unorganized my closet is-- which inevidably contributes to my inability to organize luggage. (Ugh, middle-class American problems). Anyhow, here's the strategy I've coined as:

"Pack-By-Day: A Utilitarian Approach To Packing for a Creative Mind"      

  1. Simply Put, Get Organized. Lay out a physical calendar listing all meetings, appointments, shoots and even downtime.
  2. Begin. Begin pulling items for Day One, Meeting One… and so on. Think about factors such as comfortable shoes, rain possibilities, etc. *Note: Always plan for rain. In this case, Day One was an entire day spent at the San Francisco airport because I carpooled with my husband-- who had a morning flight and I, an afternoon itinerary. A few personal quirks to mention: (maybe you can relate) I can't travel through an airport without pockets. And I absolutely cannot wear jeans. To combine the two would be pure travel hell. Anyway, that being said, I chose a navy pixie pant and a blazer with pockets + a comfortable sneaker for running to connections. Not exactly running, but you get it;)       
  3. Overlapping Items. This is key. After planning this outfit, I begin with the next event: downtime (sleep) and then Monday morning meetings. Next question to self: How can I begin overlapping items. I usually don't recycle airport articles through the week because I feel pretty gross by the time I leave the airport-- but oftentimes an outer layer will work perfectly for a combo later in the week. So, I began curating other options for the blazer… then the shoes, etc. (I ended up content with only 3 pairs of shoes for this trip-- which is pretty impressive for a 10 day stretch that includes multiple terrains and dress codes). Simply put, the system is a rotation; rotating items, in and out and creating combos that fit each occasion. Baggage weight: 39lbs. for 10 days of fall/winter clothing. Two years ago, I would have thought that was impossible. 
  4. Tricks and Trends. Always pack a base layer of black or navy, so that it's easy to throw on a new outer layer for "new" looks. // Change up the shoes and no one will ever know that your base layer was also yesterday's lunch date outfit. // Always pack one trendy accessory-- be it a hat, bag or necklace. Wear it with several different combos to complete the look or when you're feeling a little lack-luster by the end of the travel week. // Never pack more than two pair of heels. Find one black or neutral pair that you love and let them be your go-to. By day three, the thought of heels will probably feel like a joke and that second pair you 'totally thought you'd wear' will remain as an intruder in your carry on bag. // Combine your purse and carry-on, but have an option to downsize onc you get settled at your destination. My favorite as of late: the Madewell iPhone case with fold out card holder. I can slip out of the hotel for lunch by simply throwing my phone in my pocket- and without worrying about a purse. // Never underestimate the extra time it takes to get ready on that first morning when you're sorting through your luggage trying to find your mascara and every other tiny object that seems to purposefully be hiding at the bottom of your bag. To shorten that timeframe: pack backwards, so that when you're searching for items, they're in order of your days. (Especially if you're moving to several locations and are unable to settle into a dresser or closet for multiple days).         

Well, I've probably over-stayed my advice welcome. However, we would love to hear your packing secrets! Safe travels, friends. You can shop all of the above items right here: 


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