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Color Combo: Black + Brown

Color Combo: Black + Brown

Date: December 5, 2015 | Location: Atlanta, Georgia

The unexpected color combo for the win: black and brown. Growing up, I thought you were never supposed to mix the two. It's a different story now, and for that I'm thankful. This outfit is a combination of old and new. Yes, I know you've seen me wear these jeans a dozen times now, and nope, I feel no shame in it. Somehow the distressed black denim pair makes its way into my weekly wardrobe, sometimes multiple times. The leather moto is actually vintage Old Navy - a special gift from my mother-in-law while cleaning out her closet. H&M has become my new go-to for accessories. I couldn't pass up this cozy scarf for a very agreeable price. I've linked everything (or similar styles) below for your shopping pleasure.

The holidays have been so good to me thus far. We had multiple Thanksgiving celebrations with family and friends. I'm trying to focus less on the running around and more on the fact that we have so many lovely people that want to spend time with us (& vice versa). The hubs and I bought our first Christmas tree a few nights ago and I'm getting ready to spend the day turning our house into a winter wonderland before heading to Shops Around Lenox for a special opportunity that I can't wait to share with y'all! 

My advice to you all this sunny Saturday: take time to slow down & reflect this holiday season. Life moves fast and before we know it, this Christmas and New Years will be only memories.

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