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Casual Winter White

Casual Winter White

Date: March 3, 2015 | Location: Historic Downtown Norcross, Georgia

Wedding season has officially begun for my group of friends! We've been having engagement parties, bridal showers and shopping for wedding/bridesmaid dresses nearly every weekend. It has been so much fun, but we've all had a hard time deciding what to wear to all of these wonderful events. 

During the warmer months, a dress and wedges is an easy choice and almost always appropriate for the occasion. The winter season, however, is a whole different ballgame. My friends and I are always texting each other or asking our significant others questions like these the week before a party:

"Can I wear a dress with no tights, or do I need to wear tights when its cold out?"..."Are open toe shoes okay?"..."Is this too casual?"... "Am I going to be freezing in this?"

Although there is no perfect answer, no one wants to be uncomfortable or feel like they're dressed inappropriately for the event. 


One of my best friends hosted an adorable bridal brunch for me last weekend; an "Around the Clock" shower is the best idea for those of you planning any showers! Once again, I was plagued with searching for something to wear. That is when I decided on this casual, winter white combo. I wanted to be comfortable, but still wear something bridal-like (hence the white). I've also had my eye out for a long cardigan that didn't swallow my small frame ever since Anna Claire wore one in our introductory post way back when. Can you believe it's been three and a half months since our site went live? Time flies when you're having fun I suppose!


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