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Dressing Monochromatic x Whitby Collaboration

Dressing Monochromatic x Whitby Collaboration

Date: February 23, 2016 | Location: Atlanta, Georgia

I'm so excited about this evening's post! Not only do I love this monochromatic outfit, but I've had the pleasure of collaborating with an Atlanta based company doing BIG things. First things first, let's talk about this outfit:


The key to monochromatic dressing is not worrying too much if the colors are an exact match. Growing up, I remember thinking that pieces always had to match exactly or not at all. When dressing in a common color scheme, it is completely fine for each item to have a little variation in shade. My outfit consists of three pieces from three different retailers, so no, the colors aren't exact. I like the fact that they aren't part of a set, yet somehow still complement each other perfectly. 

Another great thing about monochromatic fashion is that it makes your figure appear long and lean. Being petite, I'm always on the looking for anything that will make me look even the slightest bit taller. However, single color dressing is certainly not only for women of shorter stature. It will simply make tall women's legs look even longer. That's always a plus, right?


Now onto more important matters. The lovely gray handbag that I'm carrying with this outfit is no ordinary purse. No, I'm not just carrying a nice, Italian leather bag full of all my essentials. By carrying a Whitby handbag, I am carrying a cause; one that promotes education for girls as a means of prevention of human trafficking, bonded labor and child marriage. 

Whitby is an Atlanta-based luxury handbag line that sponsors education for girls in countries where this type of exploitation is far too prevalent. Whitby hopes that their handbags will be a conversation starter, a cause to carry and a sincere connection between the sponsor and the student. 

>> T H E   F A C T S:

  • The codet satchel (that I'm carrying with this outfit) sponsors one Haitian girl's education for an entire year.
  • Whitby's first class to be sponsored consists of 23 girls.
  • Girls in Haiti are at risk for being pulled out of school early because of the cost of private education, which leaves them vulnerable to be forced into domestic servitude or the sex trade.
  • Whitby's next collection will be available for purchase in summer 2016. 

I've been so lucky to meet Whitby's wonderful founder, Brittni Adams. Her passion for the End It Movement is extremely inspiring. I highly recommend watching the following video and heading to over to Whitby's site to check out the beautiful line that carries such a profound meaning.


Single color dressing outfit details below:

Black + White Knit

Black + White Knit

Winter Casual

Winter Casual