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Making Non-Maternity Clothes Work During Pregnancy

Making Non-Maternity Clothes Work During Pregnancy


While I'm far from a pregnancy or maternity clothing expert, I have figured out a few things about how to make non-maternity clothes work during my 20 weeks of pregnancy. YES! I'm halfway there and can hardly believe it. We are heading to our doctor's office tomorrow afternoon to most likely see our baby girl on an ultrasound for the last time before she makes her big debut in February.

Although my bump may still be fairly small, it has definitely made its presence known over these past few weeks. Many of my clothes are not fitting the way they used to, or at all. However, I've started to figure out the key elements of wearing non-maternity clothes with my new, little bump:

Pants Are The First To Go.

I quickly found out that most of my pants/shorts were the first things that I could no longer wear. With that being said, I still fit into quite a few of my non-maternity pants. The only way non-maternity pants will work is if they are low waisted and they button below my bump, OR if they are elastic and can be pulled over my bump (I have one pair of Madewell culottes like this). I'm definitely planning to purchase a few essential pairs of maternity pants as I progress further into pregnancy.

Embrace Your New Waist.

I've come to find that my waist is no longer where I thought it was. Now it seems that I have two waists; one above my bump and one below. Being able to wear non-maternity clothing is completely dependent on whether or not the clothing item hits or clinches at one of my new waists. Yes, these new waists make getting dressed a little more frustrating, but I am very grateful to have a growing girl. 

Dresses + Skirts Are Your New BFFs.

I have been living in dresses and skirts lately. T-shirt dresses and shift dresses work great as long as they aren't too tight, most of which usually aren't. Empire waist dresses, like the one I'm wearing in the photographs above, tend to be very flattering and comfortable. I am still wearing a lot of my midi skirts because I can wear them above my bump. They have been perfect for wearing to work since my slacks no longer fit me. 

Say Yes To Stripes.

Stripes have always been my favorite print to wear, and pregnancy has only furthered my adoration for them. They are great at enhancing or hiding my bump. One of the first times my husband and I noticed that my bump was visible was when I was wearing a white + black horizontal striped dress. I loved the fact that others could finally tell I was pregnant! Maybe now people would stop asking me why I wasn't drinking wine or eating sushi (as if avoiding both isn't hard enough). I haven't wanted to hide my bump, but I have a great vertical striped midi skirt from J. Crew that basically makes it look like I'm not pregnant at all. Vertical striped clothing could come in handy if you plan to wait a long time to tell your boss and co-workers or if you want to look thin again - if only temporarily.


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