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Corner Gallery Wall With Framebridge

Corner Gallery Wall With Framebridge

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Life has been moving pretty fast. So fast, in fact, that I just framed our first set of family photos nearly three years after we moved into our first home together. I’m not sure why it took me so long (quite possibly the countless home renovations we’ve been working on), but I am glad to finally have some of our favorite memories on display in our living room. Amidst the fast pace of everyday life, it was nice to sit down and reflect on how far we’ve come over the past few years. With the help of Framebridge, I was able to create a gallery wall that tells the story of how we became a family.

I partnered with Framebridge back in 2016 to create a beautiful gallery wall comprised of artwork (see the post here). They made the process simple and we were extremely pleased with the end result. Because I so enjoyed my previous experience, I wanted to use Framebridge again to create a unique gallery wall in an empty corner of our living room.

Since the last time I used Framebridge, they’ve simplified the framing process even more by creating a variety of gallery wall layouts for you to choose from. I opted for the Half Wall Grid in gold. After choosing your layout and style, the next step is to upload your pictures. This was the most time consuming portion due to the huge amount of family pictures I needed to sort through. I eventually decided on nine photographs for our corner gallery wall. We received our shipment of frames just a few days later. It was so exciting to open the boxes and see our precious memories in the beautiful Georgetown frames. All of the frames were in perfect condition and they even sent a life-size hanging template and all of the necessary hardware.

I enlisted the help of my handyman husband, Bobby, and our corner gallery wall was complete in about an hour. We decided to use eight of the frames in the living room to create a symmetrical layout. We used the last frame in our bedroom. I love having some of our most cherished memories on display every day: moments from our wedding, of our beloved dog, Teddy, who passed away this summer, and pictures of Linley and our little family of three. I’m so thankful that Framebridge helped us create this gallery wall with ease and I highly recommend using them to anyone who needs to frame anything. Their customer service and quality is truly unbeatable.

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